GFIA appoints new executives

22 October 2014

Following its meeting in Amsterdam today, GFIA has announced the appointment of Governor Dirk Kempthorne as its new chair, for a two-year term. Governor Kempthorne replaces Frank Swedlove, the inaugural chair of the GFIA, who will remain as a member of the executive committee as past chair.


"I’m honoured to be elected as chair of GFIA and will continue the good work of Frank Swedlove and all those involved with GFIA in providing a global voice for the insurance industry” said Governor Dirk Kempthorne, president and CEO of the American Council of Life Insurers. "It’s an exciting time for GFIA and I am committed to delivering on its key priorities.”


Robert Whelan, executive director and CEO of Insurance Council of Australia, becomes the membership executive, replacing Leigh Ann Pusey. The vice-chair, Recaredo Arias (Association of Mexican Insurance Companies), treasurer, Shizuharu Kubono (Life Insurance Association of Japan) and secretary, Michaela Koller (Insurance Europe) all remain in their posts.


Welcoming the new chair, Frank Swedlove said: “Being the first chair of GFIA has been a privilege and I’m delighted to see the progress that has been made over the past two years. I look forward to working with Governor Kempthorne and the executive committee to continue to build on that work.”


GFIA’s Annual Report, which was published yesterday, focuses on what has been achieved during GFIA’s second year. It also reinforces the GFIA’s commitment to working with policymakers to ensure that they recognise the unique nature of the insurance industry in regulation, to allow insurers to continue to deliver on their promises to policyholders while remaining a major force for long-term growth and stability in the world economy.

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