GFIA and Turkish Insurance Association team up for G-20 priority discussion

29 July 2015

On 29 July, GFIA and Turkish Insurance Association (TSB) will hold a joint event to examine the role that insurance can play in helping to achieve the objectives set by the Turkish G-20 presidency.


The meeting will be held in Istanbul and comes ahead of the G-20 summit in November. There will be various speakers and panels throughout the day, including sessions on:

  • Infrastructure investment: Opportunities and challenges.
  • Protection from calamity: Insurance for those most vulnerable.
  • Insuring an aging population
  • B-20 recommendations to the G-20.


GFIA chairman, Governor Dirk Kempthorne, commented: "Leaders from across the world are faced with serious economic challenges that must be met head-on, with all tools at their disposal. The insurance sector is well placed to help governments achieve their goals of growth, protecting families and businesses, and dealing with large demographic changes. The leaders of the G-20 set the tone for policy decisions around the world, and this regulatory dialogue will help underscore the value that insurers can bring to the table.”

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