IAIS' Strategic Plan 2025-29: GFIA prioritises climate risks, financial inclusion and operational resilience

25 July 2023

The Global Federation of Insurance Associations (GFIA) has shared its views on the International Association of Insurers Supervisors' (IAIS) Strategic Plan for 2025-29.

Responding to the stakeholder survey, GFIA has suggested that climate risks, financial inclusion and operational resilience risks should be prioritised given their global relevance. GFIA also incited the IAIS to hold talks between regulators, policymakers and insurers to discuss how the industry can help close protection gaps.

Finally, GFIA encouraged the IAIS to avoid introducing new regulation and initiatives. The first reaction from the IAIS should not be “What do we need to add?” but, “Are new requirements or data really needed?” and “How can we better use existing tools and information”.

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