GFIA supports B20 recommendations

18 July 2014

GFIA supports the recommendations made by the Business 20 (B20) group on how private sector activity and investment can help the Australian G20 Presidency meet the ambitious growth targets agreed at the Finance Ministers’ meeting in February 2014.


“GFIA supports the B20 goal of stimulating growth by promoting investment in long-term infrastructure”, said Frank Swedlove, chair of GFIA. “Insurers are natural long-term investors because of our business model. We welcome the B20’s recognition of the important role the insurance sector already plays in long-term financing. But we can do much more if the right policy environment is put in place.”


GFIA also welcomes the emphasis that the B20 has put on ensuring appropriateness of regulation; including the need to ensure that the necessary impact assessments and review processes are carried out. Early dialogue with all stakeholders is essential. In this regard, the GFIA urges that work on international capital currently underway at the IAIS is carefully reviewed early in the process. Policymakers need to ensure that regulation under development at the global level does not limit the ability of insurers to provide those long-term investments. This is particularly important in terms of new international standards being developed for capital and accounting purposes.


The recommendations, which cover five core economic drivers – trade, infrastructure, human capital, finance and transparency – were made following a two-day summit held in Sydney, Australia where the international business leaders who make up the B20 gathered to discuss and finalise their recommendations ahead of the November G20 Summit in Brisbane.


GFIA also issued a statement this week in support of the B20 recommendations to G20 trade ministers outlining examples of trade restrictive measures, which if removed, could help facilitate long-term stable economic growth.

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